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The quality of your management team is crucial in achieving your goals

Choosing the right people is essential, as they secured the future of your company by their decision-making capacity, communication and execution. The compromise has no place, because an error causes a direct and indirect costs which is not acceptable.

Our approach is based on several fronts:

  • Understand your business:
    Your vision, your goals, your challenges, your strategy and culture are all factors that allow us to identify the skills and styles that will complement your team.
  • Perform a 360 degree analysis of candidates:
    Each candidate we present to you will have at least two interviews in our office, one with one of the partners, so we apprehend the best skills, career, knowledge, experience, personality and motivation for the job. We contacts also references to complete our mission.
  • Accompany the candidate and your company:
    In the critical phase of closing we bring our expertise to ensure that common ground is found. We also monitore the integration of your new employee with a pro-active approach to the company and the candidate.
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During acquisitions of financial investments, we  execute Human Resources Due Diligence.



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Your Organisation is in the Change process, we Validate your Key People, Audit your organisation in sync with your strategy, Analyse your performance, Benchmark your Compensations and Benefits, Recruit your Managers.


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You face Growth Needs for your teams. We share with you our Head Hunting and Skill Validation Experience.