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postheadericon Organisational Audit

In contexts of change

We accompany you to analyze the organization. This includes an analysis of the organization to identify potential areas for improvement (communication flow, understanding of goals and strategy, satisfaction index, consumer confidence index, process management, social, ...). The objective is to align the organization on your goals and strategy development.

For this analysis we achieve also a 360 ° including the alignment of the organization, management, and mobilizing teams.


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postheadericon Investment

During acquisitions of financial investments, we  execute Human Resources Due Diligence.



postheadericon Change

Your Organisation is in the Change process, we Validate your Key People, Audit your organisation in sync with your strategy, Analyse your performance, Benchmark your Compensations and Benefits, Recruit your Managers.


postheadericon Development

You face Growth Needs for your teams. We share with you our Head Hunting and Skill Validation Experience.